A simple solution for sustained health.

A simple solution for sustained health.

By giving your body the nutrients it needs to function properly, Tessara Tea makes it easy to experience the benefits of optimal health and all it can lead to.

Easy to integrate.

Our herbal infusions are formulated to address and fulfill the needs of the body as a whole, rather than individual symptoms or organs (ie. the liver, kidneys or colon). Each replaces a whole battery of other cleanses and supplements. While you certainly CAN refrigerate them, it's not mandatory, and our herbal infusion bags are easy to travel with or take to work - just add hot water when you're ready. The program as a whole was developed to benefit people at all stages of healing, and to be a simple, easy addition to just about any lifestyle.

No pills.

The ingredients in our infusions are all natural and unadulterated by chemical processing or additives - they are in their naturally concentrated herbal form. Pills and even foods must be broken down and digested before the nutrients they contain can be used by the body, but the steeping liquid of an herbal infusion requires very little digestive energy, and can be quickly and easily absorbed directly into your system.

No discomfort.

Unlike other available cleanses, Tessara's program is gentle, designed to help your body naturally rid itself of the toxins and parasites that inhibit health. Healing crises are kept to an absolute minimum - no hunger, no cramping, and no need to stay within 10 feet of the bathroom.

No fasting.

Our herbal infusions are not meant to replace your meals or caloric intake - they are best paired with a healthy diet, and will be even more effective when that diet includes lots of natural, high vibration foods, and minimal amounts of processed, chemically-enhanced or low vibration foods.

Only the highest quality ingredients.

All plant materials selected for Tessara Tea are 100% natural, free of caffeine, chemicals and bioengineering technology. Each ingredient is meticulously sourced worldwide to provide a full and balanced supply of high vibration nutritional energy, and to help you be awake and alive to all life's possibilities.